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Students choose between French or Spanish when enrolling in our school. A Modern Foreign Language is compulsory from First Year

to Transition Year.

Spanish can then be taken as one of many optional subjects for the Leaving Certificate exam.

Why Learn a Second Language?

  1. You can talk with more people.
  2. It’s a major advantage in the workforce.
  3. Travelling is easier and more fulfilling.
  4. You gain cultural knowledge and perspective.
  5. You have access to more information and entertainment.
  6. It improves your communication skills.
  7. It makes other languages easier too.
  8. You can help more people.
  9. It improves a ton of cognitive functions.
  10. It delays the effects of ageing.
  11. It boosts your creativity.
  12. Your self-confidence will soar.

Useful links:

Link to Junior Cycle Curriculum

Link to Junior Cycle MFL website

Link to Senior Cycle MFL Curriculum

Teachers of Spanish:

Mrs. M. Cavanagh

Mrs. R. MacEoin

Ms. D. Lynch

Ms. C. Canny (Mr. McGrath)

Text Books we are currently using:

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