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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

We at Loreto Community School recognise the invaluable contribution that extra curricular activity makes towards the positive development of students and encourage all to participate in the many activities offered.

The school is greatly indebted to teachers who give so generously of their time and expertise in the promotion of these activities in a voluntary basis. The help and encouragement of the local community also facilitates the development of these activities and is, once again, appreciated by the school.

Parents of the school are always to encourage their children to take part in extra curricular activities.

The following sports are available in Loreto Community School

  • Zumba
  • Gaelic (Boys and girls)
  • Soccer (Boys and girls)
  • Rugby (Boys and girls)
  • Tennis
  • Dodgeball
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Basketball (Boys and girls)
  • Girls Active Club
  • Badminton
  • Surfing

Other co, cross and extra curricular activities include

  • The School Musical
  • Local, National and Foreign Tours (cultural and educational visits)
  • Gaisce – The Presidents Award.
  • School Bank (Transition Year)
  • Cumann Gaelach
  • School Magazine
  • Goal Mile Challenge
  • Clubs and Activities Day
  • First Aid Certs (whole school)
  • Geography Field Trips
  • Junk Korture
  • Inclusion Day
  • Christmas Carol Service and Party (Senior Citizens)
  • Young Scientist
  • Sci-fest
  • Drawing Club
  • Drama (Transition Year)
  • Art/ Talent Competitions
  • Chess and Draughts Club
  • Christmas Shoe Appeal
  • Traditional Music Group
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