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Prefects are our most senior school ambassadors. There are 12 Sixth Year Students who are elected by their peers and teachers annually to represent the school.

Pictured below are the Prefects for the school year 2023 - 24.


At Loreto Community School, the role of a prefect involves;

-Acting as mentors to students in the school, particularly to first year students and your assigned base classes.

-Linking in with and supporting such base classes/students on a regular basis.

-Familiarising yourself with the School’s ethos and Code of Behaviour.

-Adhering to the school rules and regulations during school hours and on any school activity such as outings, tours, etc.

-Modelling good behaviours that align with school’s ethos and Code of Behaviour. This applies to proper social media etiquette as many students may see you as a role model online also.

-Collaborating with fellow prefects and other groups within the school community e.g. the Student Council, the Green School Committee, etc. Working well as part of a team is vital to ensure shared goals are met.

-Getting involved with the running of the school by providing feedback and suggestions to perhaps improve school life, thus bridging the gap between students, teachers and principals.

-Organising events such as fundraising activities or activities that promote student well-being.

-Helping out at events during and after school times. These may include parent-teacher meetings, graduation and awards ceremonies, etc.


Head Boy and Head Girl 2023/24

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