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What is it?

This exciting new subject will introduce you to interesting ideas and debates about how our society functions today and what can be done to improve it. In Politics and Society you will learn about different political and social theories and undertake research into topical current affairs. You will use this knowledge to form your own views on modern issues affecting our World today such as:

Increasing economic inequality, global poverty and social class divisions.

Feminism, gender discrimination and minority rights.

Human rights violations and conflict.

Immigration problems, the rise of right-wing ultra-nationalism and racism. The impact of globalisation on traditional cultures, multiculturalism and diversity. The power of the media and the education system to shape our view of the World. Unsustainable economic development and global warming.

Above all, Politics and Society is about Power!

Who in the World has power over you? Why do

they have this power? How did they get this

power? What can you do to ensure that this

power is shared and exercised in a more fair and

equal way? If you have ever wondered about the

answers to these questions, then Politics and

Society is the subject for you!

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Why choose Politics and Society?

It prepares you for the modern workplace: Politics & Society is the first subject to be created that teaches the new 5 key skills of Senior Cycle. Unlike other traditional subjects that are based mainly on rote learning of content (learning off facts), Politics and Society focuses on the development of key skills, such as effective communication, information processing and critical and creative thinking. These skills are highly sought after by employers and will prove invaluable to you in life after school.

It prepares you for university: Research skills, IT skills and essay-writing skills are arguably the three most important skills required to excel in Third level education. In Politics and Society you will be using the internet regularly to locate useful sources of information for various research assignments. You will be taught how to research properly and how to write high quality essays. Politics and Society will equip you with the skills needed to succeed at University as an independent learner.

It prepares you for life: Politics and Society will open your mind to new ideas. By participating in weekly discussions and debates on topical issues, you will develop effective communication skills and become a confident public speaker. This will stand to you in later years when you go for job interviews, work as part of a team and resolve differences of opinion in an assertive but respectful manner.

How is it examined?

  1. 20% of the grade is awarded for a Citizenship project that is carried out prior to the written exam.
  2. The final written exam is worth 80%:

Section A (answer 10 short Q’s) = 10%.

Section B (Comprehension-style Q’s & interpreting data from 2 sources) = 30%. Section C (Answer 2 essay Q’s from a choice of 4 topics) = 40%.

What careers are related to Politics & Society?

Students who study Politics and Society are well-equipped to follow successful career paths in national politics, journalism, the media, the legal profession, Human Rights organisations, the UN, NGO’s, Sociology, teaching, lecturing, data-analytics, as research assistants and as personal advisors. Ireland needs a new generation of leaders – have you got what it takes?

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