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The Specification for Junior Cycle Modern Foreign Languages aims to develop communicative language skills broadly aligned with the A band (A1 to A2, basic user) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)3 and its descriptors.

The course incorporates the five language skills of listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction and writing.

It encourages all students to:

  • actively engage in language activities and tasks, developing the capacity to understand written and spoken language
  • communicate effectively and confidently in the target language in familiar contexts through a range of media
  • develop their capacity to use appropriate structures and vocabulary for the purposes of communication, both written and oral
  • enjoy a language-learning experience that will facilitate and encourage them to continue learning languages in future
  • be reflective and autonomous in their language learning, and become actively involved in monitoring and assessing their progress
  • appreciate their own and other cultures
  • develop skills that they can apply to other areas of study and to their lives.


The assessment of junior cycle modern foreign languages for the purposes of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) will comprise two Classroom-Based Assessments.

The Assessment Task and the final examination will be assessed by the State Examinations Commission.

Classroom-Based Assessment 1: Oral communication (2nd year)

  • The purpose of this Classroom-Based Assessment is for the student to demonstrate the skills of oral production and oral interaction.
  • In completing the oral communication activity, students may use any one of the following formats: interview, role-play, presentation (accompanied by a question-and answer session), or conversation in response to stimulus material. For this oral communication, the student will focus on an aspect of the target language country/ countries) or culture; or on a simulation of an experience in a target language country; or on a topic or stimulus of interest.

Classroom-Based Assessment 2: The student language portfolio


Leaving Certificate French aims to develop learners’ communicative skills in French, to develop their strategies for effective language learning and raise their awareness of cultural, social and political diversity.

Assessment is by means of a written examination, and an aural and oral examination at two levels, ordinary level and higher level.

Course Content: Course content for higher and ordinary levels is similar.

However, oral and written skills are particularly important at higher level.



A wide variety of themes are covered including: Family / My area / School / Hobbies / Sport and Current Affairs

Grammar and Cultural Awareness are essential elements of these courses.

The Oral Exam comprises an interview through French with the examiner.

Students may prepare a document.

French exam structure.png

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