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PME Model of Professional Support

PME Model of Professional Support

Background - This model came about as a result of a number of teachers who participated in a Middle Leaders Course in 2017 - 18. The aim of this model is to provide both professional and personal support for PME Students on placement with an emphasis on mentoring that will be sustainable and realistic for future implementation within the school.

The PME Model - On arrival at the school, the PME will have an initial meeting with the Principal Mrs. M. O' Connor and this is followed by a meeting with the School Placement Co - ordinator Mr. K. Mc Taggart. Student Teachers will receive a copy of their own personal Handbook which contains the relevant guidelines and procedures, school placement policy, etc. All PMEs will also receive a tour of the school building and meet their relevant co - operating teachers.

Co - operating Teachers - The relevant co-operating teacher for the PME Student will serve as a model and information source, helping the PME improve professional skills, strategies, interpersonal rapport and understanding of both cognitive and affective aspects of teaching and learning and other professional responsibilities.

PME Mentors - Within this model, each PME is assigned to a Mentor. They will keep in regular contact with the PME throughout their placement and engage in reflection which is non judgmental. This structured support may include advice and guidance, sharing ideas, encourage the PME to observe other teachers and engage in cross and extra curricular events. The PME Mentors are Mr. K. Mc Taggart, Ms. H. Ferry and Mr. K. Harmon.

Check n Connect Meetings - A key element within the PME Model is reflective practice. This is done both in collaboration with the PME Mentor and also by participating in 'check n connect' meetings. This gives the PME the opportunity to engage and reflect on their professional learning experience, discuss openly their experience, challenges and new ideas and share this with other PMEs and Mentors. Mentors are given the task of providing positive feedback and advice. These meetings enable everyone involved to evaluate their progress to date.

Evaluations - This is implementated at three different levels -

  1. PME Evaluation 1 - General questions about their experience to date.
  2. PME Evaluation 2 - PMEs use a sliding scale to answer questions about their classroom management, approach, methodologies and professional development.
  3. PME Evaluation 3 - Expand discussion and advanced questioning.

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