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Message from the Head Boy & Head Girl

Message from the Head Boy & Head Girl

On behalf of the prefect team 2020/21 we would like to extend a sincere welcome to our school website. The core values and school ethos at Loreto gives all students the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. Our school is committed to effective learning for all students, while accommodating their needs to develop their creative, practical and sporting capabilities.

At Loreto Community school, we are fortunate to have an extremely welcoming and experienced faculty, who support our students in every way to possible to help them to reach their ambitions and discover other avenues of interest.Furthermore, our school is dedicated to developing students on an individual and collective level by offering a diverse range of clubs, societies and artistic events such as club cainte, GAA teams, football teams, the school choir and the school musical to name a few, as well as offering opportunities for students to project their voice through the student council and LKMUN.

This year spent in school has been like no other, having to distance ourselves from our friends and family members and spending long periods of time away from school. We were lucky enough to have the provisions necessary to carry out online learning which was organised by the school and despite this deeply uncertain time, our teachers have reassured and greatly helped us in preparation for our exams.

We are extremely grateful for our six years spent here at Loreto where a true sense of camaraderie among classmates and teachers has blossomed. As our time here nears to a close, we acknowledge how lucky we are to have attended such a wonderful school which has provided so many memorable moments which we will cherish forever.

Bruce Macauley & Gemma Mc Fadden

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